• Mason Lumpkins, CIT, CRAADC

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    On an October day in 1987 an 18-month-old girl named Jessica McClure fell 22 feet into a well in her grandmothers’ backyard. For the next 56 hours the whole country stood glued to their TVs waiting to hear if Baby Jessica had been rescued. The secluded darkness of the well would play havoc on the mind of even the most resolved adult. An 18-month-old child was no match for the terrors of the darkness and the helpless condition she was in. While hundreds of workers toiled to save Jessica, she did not have to languish alone. A paramedic made his way into the narrow darkness to patiently wait with Jessica until they could return to the surface together.

    Perhaps you found yourself in a dark lonely place unable to get back to where you belong. You don’t have to suffer in silence. Some journeys are best made with another. For nearly a decade I have worked patiently as my patients made their way to where they wanted to be. It is a journey we make together by shining a light in the darkness, overcoming the barriers that have kept them trapped and making our way out. If you are ready to get unstuck and are tired of struggling alone give me a call.

    The Mental Medic

    Mason Lumpkins, CIT, CRAADC

    Board Certified in Alcohol and Drug Counseling

    Under the supervision of Robert Cox, LPC