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    Who Was Tristn Jevon?

    Tristn was my stepson. His first five years were filled with unimaginable trauma and when he was 7 I married his mother. I used to joke that I was buying the rights to Tristn and his sister, Kerrie, on the installment plan. Addiction and trauma surrounded Tristn from day one. He was a tough little kid who never seemed to need help but buried the trauma deep down. As an adolescent and young adult Tristn struggled with addiction. I put him in counseling, offered supports and drew some important boundary lines. He went into rehab and came out looking at a future. All of us felt he was on the right path. A few months later he slipped again, struggled to come back. We believed he would make it. After a dental surgery he used the pain as an excuse to relapse one last time. Because the pills were laced with fentanyl, it was his last time. On Feb. 4th, 2021 at the age of 22, we lost him.

    The devastating effects of losing a child cannot be expressed. It was something I decided there and then I wanted to try and prevent any time I could. So, we focused our efforts on moving my mental health practice into a non-profit structure so that we could begin offering supports across the board regardless of someone’s ability to pay. Our fees are income based for that reason. Addiction is a symptom of deeper issues. We treat those issues at The Tristn Jevon Center For Recovery even if addiction is not at play. We treat trauma, so that others can be set free the way we wish Tristn had time for.

    We would be honored to help you too.

    Robert Cox, LPC – Founder/Executive Director

    Meet Our Therapists

    The Tristn Jevon Center For Recovery has been growing.

    In addition to its Liberty, MO location, Life Recovery Consulting opened its main office in Richmond, MO in December 2017 with the idea of bringing mental health services to underserved rural communities. Towards this end, we filed for nonprofit status under our current name, The Tristn Jevon Center For Recovery, Inc.. We are looking to recruit new therapists and interns who like working with trauma, addictions, and autism as well as other mental health disorders. Currently, we have a few good people working with us as interns and you can find out a little about them on these pages.

    If you are interested in being a part of this dedicated team as a contractor, provisionally licensed therapist seeking supervision or an intern, feel free to contact us.

    Meet Our Team

    Robert Cox, LPC, Founder/Executive Director

    Robert Cox, LPC, Founder/Executive Director

    My deep understanding of trauma is very personal for me. Having a childhood steeped in trauma and struggling with my own addiction being clean over 33 years and having my stepson, Tristn Jevon, die from the effects of trauma in his early life and throughout (check out his story on the about us page). My knowledge is very personal and reaches well beyond my master's degree and licensure. I have learned from my mistakes and experiences and am dedicated to helping our clients do the same.
    Mason Lumpkins, CIT, CRAADC

    Mason Lumpkins, CIT, CRAADC

    On an October day in 1987 an 18-month-old girl named Jessica McClure fell 22 feet into a well in her grandmothers’ backyard. For the next 56 hours the whole country stood glued to their TVs waiting to hear if Baby Jessica had been rescued. The secluded darkness of the well would play havoc on the mind of even the most resolved adult.

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